Why You Need A Listing Agent


This entry wraps up our series on Listing your home. As we come through the series, I’ll finish up with why you need a listing agent to make all of this come together. 

A listing agent has industry knowledge and experience. That information is used to avoid as many obstacles and obstructions that can get in our way on the way to closing. That experience also helps to navigate through issues when they inevitably arrive. There are many things that can take us off course once we begin the journey, and its very rare for a deal to run smoothly all the way to the closing table. 

Placing a value and price on a home is one of the most difficult parts of the process. It’s critical to get this right and a listing agent has access to the details and the experience to get this right so you don’t lose money on the home. A mistake in pricing could cause you thousands of dollars and added time on market. 

Marketing and exposure is the area that I think separates the top agents from the rest of the crowd. My abilities to make your home shine and jump out at potential buyers in a busy marketplace is something that I feel very confident with. High quality photos, video walk thru and market area videos are just a start. I also have access to many more marketing tools through my affiliation with Berkshire Hathaway. Your home is going to get in front of buyers near and far!

I’m in the process of creating our next string of episodes. I’ll be taking a short break to get started on the production of them. If there’s a topic you want to see cover you can always reach out directly to me. If you know of someone who is in need of real estate advice, I hope you’ll share this series with them. There is a lot of video content on my YouTube channel and web site that could be just the info they need. Until next time….Welcome Home!

Chris Whitehurst

Berkshire Hathaway-RW Towne 


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