How Do We Get Started (part 10 of 12)

Part 10 of 12

We are coming up close to the end of this series. With a few delays, I feel like we have been in this one for a while, but I promise you there is more coming after we wrap this up. We are in the middle of the Spring market, and in just a few short weeks, I have seen the market ramp right back up and its VERY active. I’ve also seen several buyers and their agents looking for great listings….we have a shortage of them and if the price and marketing is right, homes are moving! This entry is going to get you the info you need to get us started in the listing process. 

How do we get started? The first thing we need to do is have a no obligation conversation about your home and timeline. The timeline is important and we want to have some running time to get all things in place and time out when you want the house to hit your sweet spot 

There are some times in the natural ebb and flow of our local market, but if you and your home aren’t ready, listing before your timeline isn’t in your best interest. Once we know your timeline, we will walk the property and make some general suggestions to make your home ready to list. Sometimes its just a tweak here and there, and other times its larger projects. Every home is different and the more time we have, the more we can prepare before we list. 

Its at this meeting we will begin discussions on pricing and terms. Sometimes your timeline is more important that the bottom line. Other times we need to make sure we get top dollar and will need to wait for that buyer. Every situation is different, and I always treat every home and home owner as a separate plan. There is never a one size fits all method.

We will need to schedule a time for photos and video. I love how video tells a different story than just the stills. I also love how I can help sell the amazing opportunities you get living in our area. I can do that through video marketing. 

I’ll also have you complete some “homework”. Its a simple form but provides me with some much needed info about your home that I need to help create a detailed marketing plan. 

From there we will finalize the listing documents (which can be done in person or digital formats) The next entry is going to be on the timeline to help you determine the best time to start on your listing.

Chris Whitehurst

Berkshire Hathaway-RW Towne 

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