Why Photos Aren’t The Only Important Part of a listing VIDEO helps!


Building off of last weeks blog post, if a photo is worth 1000 words, then video has to be worth the whole dictionary. I truly believe that no other marketing helps your home make a connection with buyers more quickly.  I always use the best quality photos I can. It is surely something you can not overlook in your listing, but video is just a different level of connection.

Virtual Walk Through 

The virtual walk through is essential in giving your potential buyers a real feel of the homes layout. They can see the basics in photos, but the walk through video allows them to envision the home in a more authentic way. 

Not a slam…..just truth and facts

I am going to say this and there will be some agents that may get a little offended, but the same photos from the listing set to canned music IS NOT a virtual tour. I see this all the time as an offering and it rarely does justice to the home or the seller. Buyers need to virtually be shown the home the same way they would see it in person. 

Area Information 

For many home buyers, video helps to tell about the home and the area. In my marketing I always try to stress the things and amenities that are close by. Many out of town buyers may have no prior knowledge of the region, and the virtual tours I do focus on things close by like shopping, recreation and important points of interest. 

Combined Effort

Every listing I get has a combination of marketing tools prescribed specifically for the home. We use high quality photos and multiple videos that work in tandem in hopes of putting your home at the top of every buyers list. 

Contest Leading Up To Episode 100….

I can’t believe that episode #100 is coming Up FAST. Be sure to check out the video for a special contest. There’s 100 reasons to watch!

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