Why Photos Are So Important To Your Listing!

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Whats a Picture worth….

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words. I think thats a huge understatement in real estate. Quality photos are an essential ingredient to putting your home on the the buyers list of potential homes and getting it sold. 

First Impressions

The first time a buyer sees your home in photos is so important. Most buyers are shopping online and the photos are in invitation to come look. If your photos don’t make an impact and grab their attention from the start you are fighting an up hill battle. 

Emotional Connection

The quality of your photos will help connect your buyers to your home emotionally. The pictures help make buyers begin to imagine your home as their home. That connection is a big step towards getting them to view and hopefully make an offer. 


Quality photos help your home sell for more. The National Association of Realtors say that homes above $200,000 with quality photos can sell for $3000-$10,000 more than those that don’t. Cutting corners here, could cost you much more than the cost of the photos. 

How I use them….

I use the best possible photographer and equipment possible. We make sure we think through our photo choices and plan what time of the day makes your home shine. We understand the importance of good photos and go out of our way to get them for our clients. 

MORE on the way

I’ve got more content coming down the pipeline for you in the coming weeks. We are wrapping up 2022 and getting ready for the 2023 market. If you like the videos please share them with your family and friends. The Spring Market is coming in fast, and while there is some softening, I think we are going to continue seeing a strong market locally in 2023. 

Until next time….Welcome Home!

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