What Is The Spring Market


Short answer….NOW. Long answer in the video!

You’ve likely already seen some of my “Spring Market” ads running in various places across the Albemarle and social media. The calendar has barely started saying 2024, winter is in full force and it hardly feels anything like Spring. Just as sure as you are reading this, Spring is certainly closer than it appears in the world of real estate!

In our area the busiest time of the year like most markets is the Spring. It starts with transfer season as our local Coast Guard families get orders to move out and our new neighbors get closer to moving to our area. This portion of the market stretches for a few months and the heart of the Spring Market runs into the late Spring when families are done with school and can plan on a move during Summer break. 

A listing timeline of 60-75 days from initial meeting to closed deal, in an active and healthy market is pretty standard. This timeline can speed up or slow down depending on market conditions, but its a great measuring tool for depending on when to list your home. 

Your timeline may vary, but if you want to hit the Spring market with the bulk of sellers, we should be in motion early in the new year. This gives you the greatest chances of seeing the most active buyers. I’ve already started this process for some sellers months ago who are hoping to get a running start.