Washer and Dryer Convey????

Sometimes in a listing you may see that the “washer and dryer convey” This is a the legal process of transferring ownership of personal property from the seller to the new owners. Its important to understand the difference between personal property and real property (here’s a hint…check out the additional videos on my YouTube channel HERE).

Personal property is anything that isn’t attached to the home. YES it can be  a bit more complicated, but generally speaking if its connected to the house or the land, its considered real property. If it’s not, then its personal property. When you buy or sell a home, anything that is real property is considered part of the deal. 

A seller can offer a conveyance to sweeten the deal. The washer and dryer are not considered real property 

What is and what is not can get a little confusing and it changes from state to state. In NC there’s a GREAT list inside of the listing agreement that is pretty clean and clear. There’s a deeper dive on all of this on my YouTube page in a 3 part series called the The Three C’s. Make sure you ask your agent if you have any questions….and if you don’t have an agent, I know a guy who is pretty good at explaining this things like a teacher. 

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