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I get asked questions all the time and I try to use those questions as an opportunity to find new topics for blog and the video series. When you are in real estate, people ask all types of questions when I see them, but what about the questions they may have when I’m not near by? 

I’d love to know what questions pop up for you about real estate. When they inevitably happen, would you shoot me a quick message so I can answer them for you and then use that material in an upcoming post?

Title Insurance 

On your closing disclosure you will see a financial breakdown of your closing. It’s an accounting of every dollar that exhanged hands during the purchase and selling of the home. The link above will take you to a post directly dealing what that closing disclosure is.  

If you are a buyer you may see “title insurance” and wonder what that is. In Episode 48 we talked about the deed. If there is a discepancy in the title, a previous owner can claim they never agreed to the selling of the property. Building off the last entry you canm see how this is possible and could complicate things.

Why you need it?

Title insurance is in place to make sure if that if there’s a discrepancy in the title work, the owner of the policy is protected. If a long lost heir suddenly shows up and claims they still own the property the title insurance goes to work on their behalf to clear everythign up. 

YOUR Attorney

Your attorney can likely give you more details. I stress this fact a lot, but your attorney is YOUR attorney. You get to choose who you use to prepare your documents. Your relationship with the attorney should be comfortable enough that you can ask questions and get clear and consise info and answers to your questions. That is why they are so important to our team of professionals we use to get your home closed. 

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