Title Insurance


Last week we discussed title insurance. While this entry isn’t really part 2 of that discussion, it is a continuation of the topic. If you didn’t get a chance to catch that, you can find it HERE. I think it’s a great entry into the topic of title and leads naturally to our conversation today. 

Title Insurance

Before a home reaches the closing table, buyers should really consider making sure title insurance is in place. There’s a very high likelihood that your lender will require it. If you are a cash buyer, title insurance is something that you should have in place to protect your self.

Issues with title

While researching the deed prior to closing, your legal team may discover an issue with the title in regards to previous owners. Things like outstanding liens, heirs that never signed off on a previous sale, easements and encroachments all can cause concerns for your attorney.

What insurance covers

If a previous owner can claim they never agreed to selling the property, you would have some serious headaches, and hefty legal fees to sort it all out. Title insurance is put in place, to make sure that if there is a discrepancy in the title work, the owner of the policy is protected. If a long lost heir suddenly shows up and claims they still own the property, the title insurance goes to work.

Closing in on 100

I am excited to be closing in on episode 100. It truly has been a ton of fun to put all of these together for you. The previous episodes and blog post can be found on the web site at chriswhitehurst.com You can also check out the YouTube channel where the videos live as well as examples of my video marketing. Until next time…….welcome home!

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