Selling Your Home-Deed: Part 8 of 12

Part 8 of 12

This series is devoted to the listing process and aimed at sellers. There will be a great deal of info covered dealing with the general legal aspects of selling a home, and the things that you as a seller need to think about in regards to timeline. It is my hope that after all 12 entries are completed, you will feel more comfortable with the information and you will feel ready to move forward. 

Legal stuff….

In my real estate business I really love the people part. I get to assist people in buying and  their first home and their dream home and ultimately move them along in the different chapters and be a part of their life story. I also love the business part. I enjoy the marketing and planning and developing a long range vision. I’ve discovered since being in real estate, that I really enjoy the legal aspects of the process.


The history of the land in our area can be traced back many years. The Albemarle area was established through land grants. Land was divided up and documents were drawn up and recorded to document ownership of the property. 

Each time a property is sold or transfered a new document is created and recorded at the county’s register of deeds. These documents give us a “chain of title”. They tell us who owned it and when it was sold, who the ownership was transferred to. If there were any issues with ownership, such as maritial rights or concerns with a will, this chain of title will help clarify. 

Other Documents

There are other documents that are also recorded at the register of deeds. Items like the deed of trust and other mortgage related documents are also recorded. I think people would be surpsised at the amount of information that is acually public knowledge. 

YOUR attorney

Its important to realize that that the attorney we use to close your home is YOUR attorney. The relationship you have with the attorney is the same client relationship you have with the real estate agent. They are your representative and owe you the same care and attention that I do. If you have legal questions they are highly trained and qualified to offer you the best legal advice possible and should be counted on to do so. 

More to come

There’s more videos and blog post coming. We are have a few more in this series and I’m starting to develop and produce the videos for next year already. If you are finding value to these I ask that you please pass them along to your friends and family. There’s lots more on my web site and YouTube channel and I am always just an email away if you have real estate related quetions. 

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