Preparing Your Home For Listing


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Here Comes The Spring Market

As soon as the calendar rolls over into 2023, the Spring market will be coming at us at full speed. With interest rates rising and uncertain economic forecast, we don’t know what to expect in the real estate market. WIth that uncertainty, it’s even more critical to control what we can control. If your home is going on the market in 2023, these are some helpful tips you can use to steer your ship in these troubled waters. 


I’ve said it before and I will shout as loud as I can as often as I can. Getting a home inspection before your listing goes active is something that pays for itself over and over. It takes the guess work out of the home buying process for your buyers and gives everyone a sense of relief that the unknowns have potentially been discovered. 

Schedule your repairs early!

Repairs are hard to schedule. The quality vendors you want making repairs on your home for listing are going to be booked solid. Scheduling them early will get you on their calendar and not push you to the back of the line causing costly and stressful delays. 

Get Rid of the stuff

De-clutter and deep cleaning goes a long way to pushing your home down the timeline. You are moving so start getting your stuff out of the home so buyers can hopefully envision their items in their new home. We want the home to have a feeling of openness and space. Your items have to be moved eventually, so get an early jump start in the process. 

Paint & Staging

Paint is the absolute best return on investment you can make when considering home repairs. A little paint and consideration of staging could be just what your home needs to make that perfect impression and push it to the top of a buyers list. 

More new on the way….reruns are coming

I am have 1 more new episode on the way this year, and then I plan on going into production for 2023 episodes. If there’s a topic you want to know more about, please make sure to reach out and ask me to produce one. I am also going to do a best of series to wrap up the year. Look for those “re runs” in the weeks surrounding Christmas. Be sure to check out the web site, YouTube channel and Social Media Sites. Until next time….Welcome Home!

Chris Whitehurst

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