Permitted Space

Permitted Space

A few weeks back we discussed square footage and how that impacted the value and search-ability of home. In that discussion the idea of “Permitted Space” came up. This episode we will get in to the details of what it is and how it can change the way a home is marketed.

In episode 111 we were discussing square footage. If you are searching homes on your favorite real estate page, you may come across a home that is described as having 1600 square feet with an additional 600 feet of living space. 

The Math Doesn’t Add Up…..

That can be confusing because while the math adds up to more, the actual listing only has 1600 feet of space advertised in the search parameters. The answer can sometimes be found in a conversation on permitted space.

Anytime a home has additions added to it, or a space, like a garage or unfinished room over the garage, converted to living space, the home owner and contractor should have applied for and used a building permit. 

This permitting process insures that the new space meets proper local building codes and is built to specifications that insure safety for the occupants. Inspectors make sure that everything was completed and done properly.

Bob the builder lived here?

In our local market I know we have some very handy folks who frequently take on projects like moving walls, converting garages, and customizing their homes to best meet their needs. There is nothing wrong with any of that….its a skill set that I wish I possessed, but if there wasn’t a building permit used to add space, it can not be counted in the overall square footage. 

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