OLDCAR-Reasonable Care-Part 6 of 6

All good things…..

This is the last part of the OLD CAR series. I’ve really enjoyed putting this particularly series together. The whole 6 part series started at Episode 77.  You can check those out on the web site or if you just like the video format, head over to my YouTube channel to catch all of them (and more) I also think you may find some value in taking a look at episode 63 as that is an overview of the entire series wrapped into 1 entry. 

I have a very specific set of skills. 

Each letter represents a different obligation I have to you as a client. I have a very specific set of skills as a licensed agent. When I use those, you should expect that I understand the process and  lead you through the process using those skills. That is Reasonable Care and diligence.

If there is a fact or process a reasonable agent should know, I should be expected to know that and advise you on how it should be done. Examples may include things like navigating counter-offers, negotiations, completing of legal forms and processing a transaction to the closing table. These are things any licensed agent should be able to competently accomplish. 

Knowing my role

It also means I should know where my lane ends, and work to stay in it. A licensed agent should never give advice outside of their expertise. This is why you will often see me refer to other professionals during the process or ask you to do the same. 

Putting together our team of professionals is important. We rely on the advice given by the attorney, home inspector or financial and tax advisors for areas specific to their fields of expertise. 

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