OLDCAR: Obedience Part 1 of 6 on Agent Obligations to Clients

OLD CAR: Part 1 of 6 Obligation

As a real estate agent, it’s my honor to serve you as a client and member of the general public. There’s a lot of money at stake and along with that comes a huge responsibility placed on the shoulders of an agent. As professionals licensed by the NC Real Estate Commission, all NC Real Estate agents have a strict code we must adhere to. 

One of the ways we can best explain (and remember) what we are obligated to follow when dealing with clients and customers is taught to us using the term OLDCAR. Each letter represents a different obligation and this 6 part series, I am going to break down each on. This week we focus on Obedience.


In episode 63 I did an overview of this entire series. If you need a quick overview you can head over to the link and take a look. Obedience means I am obligated to carry out reasonable request of my clients. 

My commission is earned by working for you. If you ask me me to relay info to the buyers agent or request information from a seller, my obligation would be to do so. 

I’ll do anything for love…..but I won’t do that 

I am not allowed to do anything unlawful or unethical. You are my client and the buyer/seller on the other side is my customer. As a licensed agent, I owe them the same set of OLDCAR obligations. If your request would breach my obligations to the other side of that transaction, I am not required to do them. 

Unreasonable Request

An example of an unreasonable request could be asking me to keep a secret that you know the HVAC system is barely working, that you can’t qualify for the loan, or the home has severe flooding issues. Those are considered MATERIAL FACTS (Ep49) and have to be disclosed to the other side. 

More info ahead

The info in the next few weeks will cover the remainder of these obligations of the OLDCAR. If you like these videos and blog post you can find the entire series (78 and counting) on my YouTube page or web site. I’m also on other social media sites (I’m trying to be more active all the way around….) Be sure to like and subscribe on each, so you can stay plugged in on all things in the Real Estate market for the Albemarle Area. Until Next Time…..Welcome Home!

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