OLD CAR-Confidentiality Part 4 of 6 on Agent Obligations to Clients


As a real estate agent, it’s my honor to serve you as a client and member of the general public. There’s a lot of money at stake and along with that comes a huge responsibility placed on the shoulders of an agent. As professionals licensed by the NC Real Estate Commission, all NC Real Estate agents have a strict code we must adhere to. 

One of the ways we can best explain (and remember) what we are obligated to follow when dealing with clients and customers is taught to us using the term OLDCAR. Each letter represents a different obligation and this 6 part series, I am going to break down each on. This week we focus on Confidentiality.

Your Secret is Safe with Me….

I like to explain the concept of confidentiality by comparing it to patient and doctor confidentiality. If I have info that is provided to me it is my responsibility to keep that information between me and the patient (client). 

If I am aware of info that the other side may find helpful, it is my job to not reveal that information to the other side. This would provide leverage to the other side in negotiations and my job (and obligation) is to make sure my clients have every possible advantage. 

So what would we want to keep confidential……

Examples may include why the client was trying to sell the property or the the amount a client would accept for the property. As an agent, it’s critical that I protect as much info for my clients as possible. My job is to protect your interest by protecting your interest. 

More coming soon

This is only part 4 of the 6 but if you take a look at episode 63 you may find a full run down of the OLD CAR concept. There are also MANY other great resources available on my web site at chriswhitehurst.com You can find the blog, other entries, a full search of available homes, and everything you need to stay plugged in and updated on the local, regional and national markets. Be sure to like and subscribe on each platform to get and stay informed. Until next time….Welcome Home!

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