Listing Your Home: The Listing Agreement Part 1 of 12

Part 1 of 12

As I wrap up the end of the year, my goal since episode 1 has been one per week….I am a bit behind but I have a plan for the rest of the year. A 12 part series that’s going to cover everything you need to know to prepare yourself to list that home. As we wrap the year, we know the holidays are right around the corner, but that also means a new year and a spring market are waiting for us. 

I’m excited to be bringing you this series. The series is going to discuss the disclosures, the process, the timeline and define when the best time to start preparing for the Spring market. There will be 2 to 3 different entries each week, and I am sure there’s enough info here to make you feel ready and comfortable to move forward.

Listing Agreement

The Listing Agreement is a form that gives me the Exclusive Right to represent you in the selling of your property. It is a legal document and contract that officially makes me your agent. I have another entry on “Agency” from a few months back that I think does a pretty good job of explaining how agency works. 

I encourage you to go back and dive in on that subject if you are considering selling or buying. Understanding some of the intricacy of agency will give you a leg up when its time to start the process of listing or buying your home. 

What’s in the agreement

The contract officially establishes our legal agreement by defining our relationship. The contract will describe in detail what our obligations are to each other. It will determine the length of our agreement, specifics about our property and establish our listing price. 

Another area that is defined by the contract is what personal property we are going to convey with the property. I have another entry on that topic as well HERE. One of the most useful parts of the videos and blogs is the cross referencing. With so many entries completed, I am finding that when one topic overlaps with other concepts, a look at another short video or a quick read of a blog post will help fill in some information gaps. 

If there is a term you’d like to know more about please let me know. I want you to find value in these post. The web site and YouTube channel are packed with info, and I also post things directly on my Facebook page as well. Somewhere in that social media and internet world of mine, I hope you can find something that helps you in your real estate dealings. 

Your Homework Assignment Coming Up….

Next entry is dealing with a form I personally use call the Seller homework form. Its a simple question and answer form used to help me gather as much info as possible about your home to make sure I am serving you at the highest level. 

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