Listing Your Home-Services Disclosure (Part 6 of 12)

Part 6 of 12 (HALFWAY)

This entry marks the halfway point of our series and closes out the information on disclosures. In a typical real estate transaction, sellers and buyers are going to need the services of other real estate professionals to help keep the deal moving forward. This disclosure is going to make sure you get to choose and get the help you need.

While every deal is different, the involved cast that helps get the deal closed is always an important part of a smooth transaction. Home inspectors, attorneys, CPAs, Tax Advisors, Insurance and Surveyors all play different roles in different transactions, but are important parts of the real estate team that gets homes to the closing table. 

My job as an agent is to guide and advise you, but ultimately you are the one who makes the devision which services and vendors you want to use. The Professional Services Disclosure form is the legal document we use to make your choices and waive your decisions on services. 

A big take away from this, is as the buyer or seller, you need to choose what right for your based on the advice of the agent. Its important that you make wise choices. A home is a big investment. I’ve personally experienced horror stories, where a client wanted to save a few hundred dollars by not using one of the above mentioned players and ended up costing them thousands more, not even considering the added stress and heartache. 

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Chris Whitehurst 

Berkshire Hathaway