Listing Your Home Part 2 of 12


Part 2 of 12

This series is devoted to the listing process and aimed at sellers. There will be a great deal of info covered dealing with the general legal aspects of selling a home, and the things that you as a seller need to think about in regards to timeline. It is my hope that after all 12 entries are completed, you will feel more comfortable with the information and you will feel ready to move forward. 

It’s really time to be thinking about that Spring market. I hope you can take some time to review the entire series, or pick the subjects and concepts that directly impact you. 

Teacher at heart….heart of a teacher

One of the main reasons I’ve committed to doing a series on real estate, is the simple fact that I am a teacher at heart. I love the process of guiding my clients through the transaction. When I sold my first home and bought my current home, my real estate agent was one of the best teachers I’d ever had and he really made my wife and I feel comfortable with every step. When I got my license, I was determined to be that same kind of an agent. 

Homework Assignment 

What kind of teacher would I really be if I didn’t make my students complete an occasional homework assignment. When we begin the process and start our conversation, one of the first things I do is I present my clients with a form I call the Seller Homework sheet. 

The form is a very simple questionnaire. I ask some questions about your home and your answers assist me with information that I need to know. I use the information to make sure your potential buyers have details they need to make informed decisions. Simple items such as the service providers for electricity and internet, as well as Home Owners Association details could be make or break things for buyers. 

The Seller Homework form also provides me with information about the special amenities of your home that buyers need to know about. If the sunlight on the front porch is a perfect place to enjoy a morning coffee, and buyers only visit in the evening, they’d never experience one of the best selling points of your home. 

These key details are the first step in helping me create a customized marketing plan for your home. No two homes are the same and I never would want to market them with cookie cutter advertising. As marketer,  I also want to provide the least amount of friction for buyers. The more info they know, the more comfortable they will feel about the purchase. 

Additional info packet

The Seller Homework form is actually part of a packet that includes the first of our legal forms that are part of the transaction. These forms are disclosures that are required. I am going to cover the specifics of each in the next entry.

Are you ready….do you know someone who is?

Statistically speaking, you or someone you know is considering listing their home for sell in the next 3-6 months. I imagine the information on my web site and YouTube page could be of some use. If you don’t mind, please push them to your friends and family that are considering selling or buying. There’s a lot to the process and I can guarantee they will find value in the presented info. I’m standing by when you are ready to get moving. 

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