Lead Based Paint Disclosure-Part 5 of 5


Part 5 of 12

We are not quite to the halfway point of the series on listing your home and we are far from giving you all the information you need to get your home ready. The official start of Spring is getting closer and as the weather heats up, the market traditionally follows. I am already seeing it in my business as well as chatter among my agent and real estate professional friends. 

This entry we will be diving in a little more on disclosures. That seems to be a recurring theme over the past few entires, and we have one more (Professional Services Disclosure) to chat about next week…..but before we do let me tell you more about the Lead Based Paint disclosure that you may encounter. 

Homes built prior to 1978 may have used lead based paint. Prior to that point it was still common and builders weren’t fully aware of the dangers of lead based paint to children and expectant mothers. 

During the due diligence period, buyers are determing if your home is the right home for them. As part of that process they would want to know if there was lead based paint in the home. Sellers are required to give notice if they have knowledge of Lead based paint in the home. 

Side note….Lead based paint isn’t always a hazard. If its been maintained and in good condition, the paint doesn’t present and problems, but buyers want to (and need to) know if lead based paint is still present. The form must be presented to the buyers and they must acknowledge the form. 

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Until next time…Welcome Home!

Chris Whitehurst 

Berkshire Hathaway