Its rare for a home to make it from the initial listing stage through to the closing table without some type of inspection taking place. A home is a large investment and a savy buyer and their agent are going to look deeply at the home before finalizing the deal. Not all homes are equal and whats hiding in the walls, attic and crawl space could be a deal breaker. Today we are going to talk about inspections and how they can impact your home. 

Great Teams Win

I firmly believe that a real estate transaction is 100% a team effort. It takes many professionals to keep a deal moving forward for the buyers and sellers. The inspectors are a huge part of that team and part of my job as an agent is to help you assemble, hire and coordinate the efforts of your team. 

Inspections may (and should minimally) include a home, septic and pest inspections. Every home is different and if there are other items of concern like a pool or dated and shady looking HVAC system, you will need to consider those inspections too. It can be costly to have them done, but the insurance policy of intimately knowing the home is well worth the investment.

Get Inspections Before You List!!

If you have followed my business for any length of time, you know I am a HUGE proponent of sellers doing inspections before the home goes on the market. If you are a seller these are the things you may want to have done prior to listing a home so you know what issues are waiting for any potential buyers. This also gives sellers the opportunity  to fix any major issues before a buyer can discover them. I think this is a huge way to make both parties feel more comfortable before proceeding. 

Other items that may pop up during the inspection process is the need for a title search. A bank loan is going to require one, but if you are a cash buyer I think this is often overlooked and can ease some pain should issues arise later.

Appraisals, surveys, perc test for vacant land, well water inspections…..the list is extensive of possible inspections you could utilize and each deal is different. Be sure to ask your agent for advice and if you don’t have an agent I’d be happy to sit down and interview for the job of representing you. Until next time….

Welcome Home! 

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