Improvements to Real Estate

Improvements to Real Estate

Happy Belated July 4th, I hope you and your circle enjoyed an amazing holiday weekend. Fireworks, cook outs, swimming, or relaxing….I hope you took a time out and just enjoyed being American. 

This week we are jumping into the idea of improvements on a property. This is not a Home Improvement or Real Estate show on your favorite cable network. Its a little different than all of that and is more of a basic term used in real estate to describe things done to a property.

To Infinity and Beyond

If you have followed my Blog for any length of time you know that when I talk about owning a piece of property, you own from the core of the earth to the top of the sky. That means you own everything in between. 

Anything attached to the property is considered an improvement and conveys (is included) with the sell of the property. Examples of this would be the obvious such as a home or building but also the driveway, landscaping, and any personal property that has been permanently attached to the home or land (or other improvements)

Blurred Lines

The lines can get a little blurry pretty quickly when we are talking about above ground pools, hot tubs, shelving and other items. When your real estate pro tours your property for a listing presentation. Additionally, if you have sold or bought in another state, the rules could be different than what you are used to. If you are unsure of specific items, it’s a good idea to ask and clarify before listing the property.

More on the way

I am in the middle of producing another round of these videos that should take us well into the Fall. If there is ever a topic you want to know more about, I hope you will find time to shoot me a message and ask. When you are armed with knowledge, you always stand a better chance at getting the best deal. When you need an agent I hope you will trust me to guide and lead you through the journey. I serve the entire Albemarle Region (Camden, South Mills, Elizabeth City, Pasquotank County, Hertford, Perquimans County, Edenton, Chowan, Currituck and Moyock) If you need help in the world of Northeastern NC Real Estate, I am standing by when you are ready to get moving.

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