When an offer is placed on a home it can sometimes be confusing as to what is part of the deal and what items are not. Fixtures are permanent parts of the home, but the definition can be confused and misinterpreted. Todays post, I hope to help give clarity to the definition and help sellers and buyers determine what is actually included as part of the home. 

When someone puts an offer on a home they are expecting it to include certain items. Anything that is permanently attached to the home is considered a fixture. The list of fixtures is clearly spelled out in the offer to purchase submitted by a buyer, and that same list exist inside of the listing agreement signed by the seller and agent.

Fixtures are items that are part of the home and should be there when all personal items are removed before closing. I like to describe it as anything that would stay in the home if we took off the roof, turned it upside down and shaken. If it stays, its a fixture and if it falls out, it would be a fixture. 

Examples of fixtures would be window shades, built in shelving and major appliances like the stove and built in microwave. Things that are personal property would be non-affixed furniture, rugs and decorative items. It can be confusing and easy to misinterpret. Televisions for example are considered personal property, but the mounting bracket it is on is considered a fixture. 

Also the list can be different from state to state. In the Albemarle region we have a great deal of military buyers for Coast Guard Station Elizabeth City and the Hampton Roads military installations like Langley and Norfolk Naval. Transferring in from state to state, may cause additional confusion. An example is the refrigerator here is considered personal property. That is different in other states. Ask your agent to clarify any items you may be confused about. 

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