Fiduciary Responsibility



What a funny little word with a lot of weight and impact on my life as a real estate agent Simply put, a fiduciary is a person who puts your best interest in front of their own. This term is used in many different professions. A financial advisor can also be considered a fiduciary. When they work on investments, they should place emphasis on the investments that benefit your retirement plan and not theirs!

Highest Honors

As a real estate, one of the highest honors I have, is representing you as a fiduciary. I have no problems in advising you and giving you the information to make your own decisions when I know my own interest are not an obstacle. As an agent who is paid on a commission of the final sales price, it would benefit me to make sure the highest price is paid. That can get confusing when buyers or sellers start making adjustments to closing cost that drive the price up. Its important for a fiduciary to remove their needs and wants and focus on the clients. 

Advisory Council

As a trusted advisor, the fiduciary responsibility I have is of critical importance and one that I think of often. My respect for that role, is one of the reasons I can look my clients in the eye and assure them the advice I am giving is in their best interest. It can certainly get complicated, but it should never be in question when working with an agent who exhibits the highest examples of integrity. Its one of the reasons a big part of my business model is “leading with the heart of a teacher”. My clients have to know that their best interest are where my advice originates. 

Other Responsibilities

As an agent I have many responsibilities and obligations I owe my clients. Those are among the first things an agent learns when taking their real estate classes. The next episode we are going to talk about the specifics of each of these. I also have a planned multiple part series dedicated to each one for later in the year.

When is it time to talk?

Simple answer=NOW. The market is constantly shifting and changing. As an agent, one of my main jobs is to just stay informed and plugged in to the local, regional and national markets. If you ever just want to know “hows the market” I’m literally just a phone call, email or text away. Thats part of my job and it’s a service I provide….with no obligation. Just ask!!

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