Attorney Opinion of Title

Your Team….

A few months back I did a whole blog on the importance of your team. I did it because its important and I’m coming back to the same idea today to make sure you realize its very important. Your team of professionals is a big part of the process and your decision on who to chose is of critical importance. Choose wisely 

The Attorney’s Team…

Your attorney also has members of their own team that work to support the work they do. The team at your attorney’s office will do research on the deed before closing. They will then review the research and present you with an “Opinion of Title”

This is a big step in the overall process of buying a home. It insures the sell can move forward. The opinion of title gives the details of the property and determines that the property being conveyed is clear of any issues in the title. 

What’s laying in the tall grass?

There can be items of concern in the title of opinion. Items that may come up that may need clarification do sometimes happen. Things like outstanding liens, heirs that never signed off on a previous sale, easements and encroachments all can cause concerns, and your attorney will explain what the problems may be and what needs to be done to correct them. 

I’ve covered many of these on previous blog entries. I encourage you to head over to to dig in or my YouTube channel. Previous videos and post go in to much more detail about items that can cause cloudiness in the title search/ 

Title Company

When issues arise the title company will need to get involved. They would want to know about all the concerns and work through them before issuing a title policy that insures the ownership of the property. 

In next week’s episode and on episode 61 we will talk directly about the title insurance company and their role in a deal. Until next time….Welcome Home!

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