Agency Agreements-Part 3 of 5

Multiple Parts

This is a reminder that the information in this blog post and video are all part of a multi part series on Agency. There are a total of 5 episodes and this is #3. Please go back and look at the information presented previously. I promise once we get all 5 released they will tie together very nicely. 

Permission Granted…

As a client in a real estate agent transaction, you must give me permission, in writing to allow to act on your behalf. This written agreement is what spells out my duty to you, what you can legally expect from me and the amount of compensation I am due once I perform my obligations to you and we close the deal. 

If you are a buyer we will use the “Exclusive Buyers Agreement” to bind us together legally. I am going to cover that form in episode 34 in a few weeks. As a seller we use the Exclusive Right To Sell. Both of these legal documents explain in detail what the expectations are for both sides. If you are my client, I always sit down and walk step by step through these forms to make sure you understand them in as much detail as I can. 

With the writing of this post, I haven’t produced video episode past 40, but episode 41 is scheduled to be focused around the listing agreement. The subsequent post will be based on the listing process and the documents that go along with that.

I Love you but….

When you sign an agreement (buyer or seller) your agency agreement is with the firm and not the individual agent. While I love my clients, and will do most anything I can to assist them in their real estate needs, I do play the lottery. If I win the big one, I can almost guarantee that I am going to move away from the world of real estate. My clients can rest easy knowing that my clients will be well served by agent within my firm. (PS if I win I am going to buy the house myself and give it away…..just for fun)

Duty calls

Once the agency agreement is signed, the agent owes you, the client their loyalty. I should be working on your behalf and with your best interest in mind. As your agent I should follow your lawful instructions and provide you with reasonable skill, care and diligence. Also I should also keep all of our conversations confidential. When talking with me I like to think of it as you talking to yourself but with an opinion and different perspective. I try to always think through both sides of the equation so I am anticipating problems and solving them before we get to a bump in the road. 

Whats coming next?

The next entries will be dealing with dual agency and I’ll be wrapping up the series with the Exclusive buyers agreement. There’s plenty of other videos on my YouTube channel and blog post on my web site at I hope you are finding value in these post and please share them with your friends. You can also connect with me on social media. 

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