Putting Together Your Team of Experts

Its Super Bowl Week

It’s the biggest week of the sports year for many fans. I follow a few NFL teams and players and picking my favorite is hard, mainly because I just love the drama of the game. I’ll find myself rooting for (or against) just about any team if the game is good & I love the competition and excitement. 

I am writing this post in mid-January and I wont go on record as saying who I think is going to win the whole thing, but I think its a good year to be a GOAT or a BILL. They are incredible teams but at this point in the year, there are MANY great teams. Even if you aren’t a sports fan, you can agree, that to achieve at the level of these pro’s, it takes a tremendous amount of team work. 

Our team

Our team of real estate professionals is similar. The attorney who handles the legal aspects of your deal, the lender who is working on the financials and the inspectors and vendors who are preparing the house, all play a vital role to the game. Even the agent who is representing the other side of the deal is important. 

Everyone has a job

Everyone of those people has a job to do. If someone fail to complete their assignments, the ball gets fumbled. That means everyone else’s job becomes more difficult and someone else is doing a job that may not be their specialty. If you are familiar with professional football, you realize that if a lineman ends up carrying the ball, then some thing happened that probably shouldn’t have. In that moment, the most important thing is to complete the play, but it often leads to results that are less than desirable. 

Putting together our team

It’s critical that we get all of the players in the deal on the same game plan. We want to close the deal with as few mistakes as possible, with the least amount of stress involved that leads to the best possible prices for the home. Anything less than that is not part of the plan. When things happen, we need to know that your team, has your back and will be working to get back to the script. 

A big part of my job as your agent, is to assemble the best players possible and then coordinate those efforts with the other team members to get you to closing as easily as possible. I love working with you as a client to make sure that the other players on our roster are ones you feel comfortable with. 

Put me in coach!

I am ready to go to work for you and those you may know who need a real estate agent. I’ve got quite a bit of additional content on my web site and YouTube channel to help on the real estate journey. I’ll always lead with the heart of a teacher and I’ll coach to the best of my abilities, so you can make the best decisions that fit your plan! I’m standing by when you are ready to get moving!

Welcome Home!

Chris Whitehurst

Rose and Womble Realty


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